domenica 13 gennaio 2008

ATI Catalist 7.12 on Ubuntu 7.10

Recently I've tried this drivers and compiz started working on my Mobility Radeon X2300.
Here's how I've got the drivers to work.
1 remove old drivers
first you need to remove the drivers downloaded from the ubuntu repository.

$ sudo apt-get remove xorg-driver-fglrx

2 Install the new driver
follow the procedure as described on point 2 at

3 bugs
With this lease you can enable compiz but video playback, google-earth and all the applications which require an overlay start flickering and are unusable.
The system works perfectly with compiz disables :(

4 power management
With this release ati (amd) claims that the problems related to suspend and hibernate are solved.
I haven't tried it yet as I've managed to disable this features time ago (when the system tried to suspend hanged-up) and I don't want to retry right know to figure out if now is working (maybe on a fresh install of 8.04). If you think you can have an easy configuration guide (packages needed, and manual editing to /etc/... files feel free to contact me. If it works on my Asus notebook I'll add it on my blog.