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Windows 10 on Sony Vaio VGN-Z 650N/B

this post is obsolete please refer to my newer one

Hi, first of all thanks for your interest in my blog but most of all thanks for your interest in updating your old VAIO to Windows 10. After all I think this is still a wonderful notebook and even if it's a bit slow it's still useful for many purposes.

In the weekend I've tried Windows 10 on an external USB Drive (not ready to format the internal HDD yet) and I've had this problems:
- the graphic card as you found out don't work (neither the Intel or the nVidia one) (more details follow). Basically I'm stuck at 1024x768 with a standard card driver.
- the brightness key Fn+F5/F6 don't work (maybe because of the problems with the cards)
- Fn+F7 doesn't work (same as above)
- audio and card readers are ok, all the other hardware seems working properly.

In the device manager the graphic cards are reported with an exclamation mark and in the properties I've found this message:

This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)

If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system.

I've googled a bit but didn't find anything which suggested me a solution.
I've looked on the Intel website and it seems that Intel doesn't care to provide an updated driver for such an old CPU but we are still in preview, hopefully they will provide a decent driver in the final version (hopefully yeah...).
Obviously Sony won't provide any driver so I don't think there will be a solution which will make the nVidia card work properly but having the right resolution and brightness working will be nice at least for one of the cards.

If you have any ideas on the error reported feel free to comment this post or write directly at my e-mail.

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Francisco Javier Santana Cisneros ha detto...

Thank's for try install it, i found the same problems as you.

I find a vaio z with the same specifications, and found VGN z820g.
They are doing a survey to find out if we want to upgrade to Windows 10!.

I just installed the update, and sent me to the website survey

I answered the survey, and i hope they update the video drivers for that model , and that can be installed in our model (Your VGN-Z650N/B and my VGN-Z575FN)

Anonimo ha detto...

Yes, I had the exact same problem with my Vaio VGN-Z590. The Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 driver architecture is supposed to be the same, so I am not sure why it is working on Windows 8.1, but then not working in Windows 10.

Terenzio - do you think it might work using different compatibility mode settings when installing the driver? Do you think the older Nautis drivers might work using compatibility mode (rather than Andrew08's drivers?

It seems like someone has had success with the Hybrid drivers...

Terenzio Berni ha detto...

Hi, I remember that when I first installed Windows 8 and sorted out all the issues I've tried several drivers. I also tried some tools to help modify the official nvidia drivers so that they could be used on mobile card.
Unfortunately non of the drivers I've tried worked except for Andrew08's.
My Vaio which is almost identical to yours is one of the first notebook with dual graphic and this seems a really custom solution which is not well supported.
I didn't try to install the drivers using the compatibility mode (which seems a simple solution).
Last week I needed my external drive for other purposes so I had to format it and I don't have a copy of Windows 10 to try out.
I will certainly give it another try with the official release (which I already preordered) but I don't no if I'll try another preview.
If you have any success trying the compatibility mode idea please let me know.

Francisco Javier Santana Cisneros ha detto...

In the Build 10162, Intel card works very well with the drivers from windows update. And tried with the official drivers from sony and works almost fine (the brightness have issues with the Nvidia card), the video playback works better than windows 8, specifically in Microsoft edge or internet explorer (CPU usage is about 10%), the HW acceleration in the "modern Apps" works well too.
In some cases the screen go to black and return, but only in certain conditions.

P.D I used windows 10 32 bits, my main OS is windows 8.1 with Andrews drivers in 64bits

Terenzio Berni ha detto...

Great news Francisco, hopefully Microsoft will sort out this few bugs and we can still use Andrew's drivers for the nvidia card.
I've always tried the 64bit version, in two weeks we will know if we can upgrade to 10 or not.
Keep in touch if you have any other news!

Anonimo ha detto...

I'm running a Z26 or thereabouts.

I can currently install Andrew's driver while in the driver unsigned mode. Installed fine, however during normal windows 10 boots, it will throw the tantrum at the unsigned drivers, and revert to standard 1024 resolution.

Having turned on Test mode, Andrew's drivers are working. Seems to me that we need a way for Windows 10 to ignore user specified unverified drivers if we want to.

Fn Brightness controls are working as well, but the switching isn't working. I'm honestly not too fussed, as the 9300 isn't really worth the effort for the graphics anymore, so I'm perfectly happy with the Intel for web browsing etc.

Terenzio Berni ha detto...

I've tried the final build of Windows 10 x64 (build 10240) which you can find here:

I installed it on an external USB drive and I've really good news. Almost all the problems we had with the betas are gone.

Maybe in the week-end I'll write a new post on what I've done and how. The installation is pretty the same as it was for Windows 8.1.

The intel driver works out of the box and with some of the drivers for Windows 7 x64 downloaded from the Sony support site I've managed to have all the missing devices.

I've used the Andrew's driver and it works (even the switch is working): you need to do exactly what I've written on my Windows 8.1 post to disable the signature check and put Windows 10 in test mode.
The only thing I've found that isn't working is the brightness regulation when using the nVidia card... bit annoying but as I only use it for gaming I can survive. BTW If you find a workaround/fix that will be greatly appreciated.

I'll try it out a few more days on my external USB drive then I'think I'll go for a clean install of my system (I have to backup everything and I'm very lazy)